Collisions of Mass by Sanya Glisic

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Anonymous asked:

how do you cope with the fact that nobody will ever understand you the way you understand you?


I’m very sure that we’re all mysteries to ourselves. 

The more a person attracts adherents and admirers, the more a person seems to present a unified intention and gapless self-comprehension, the more you may be certain that that person is a complete mystery to him or herself. Needless to say, like attracts like, and the admirers mirror this shell enclosing a vacuity. 

If you wanted to see this in the wild, and at the same time witness a whole sheaf of hateful pathologies splayed out with uncommon vividness, read the lead paragraph of this New York Times Style section article from 2002:

If the social commentators are to be believed, the post-Sept. 11 world has caused a certain kind of woman to re-evaluate what she is looking for in a man. Theoretically, this woman — clever, controlled, prone to overthink — no longer feels an inexorable pull toward the guy who shows up in a skinny vintage suit and a pair of Converse All Stars, a copy of something by Gaston Bachelard peeking out of his pocket. She has seen the valiant efforts of rescue workers and remarked to herself that men like Donald Rumsfeld make big, impactive decisions in the time it would take any of her exes to order lunch. Suddenly she finds herself tired of the dawdlers, melancholics and other variants of genius who would not know what to do with a baseball mitt or a drill press.

It might just be personal preference on my part, but there’s something nicer about people who are empty like a bell compared to those whose anxiety has sutured closed around the mystery of them. Cuz the people who have worried themselves into smooth shell always feel like they’re completely covered with hornets when you get close enough to them…


A week ago, I moved to DeKalb, IL to start a residency internship with the Ellwood Museum, which entails living in one of the houses on the property. I’m happy to say that most my setup is complete, and I can get back to work. Aside from my normal practice, I will be adding the responsibilities of my new role as Marketing and Design Assistant for Ellwood. School is supposed to start in the fall semester (pending the discovery of or re-application to some important personal documents lost during the move). 

Thanks for your patience, 

Jacob v. 

I’d dig a list/close-up of those art book titles. The ones I recognize I love.


'Die Bücher der Chronika der drei Schwestern / The Book of Chronicles of the Three Sisters' by Johann Karl August Musäus; illustrated by Heinrich Lefler and Joseph Urban. Published 1900 by Verlag von J.A. Stargardt, Berlin.

Description: A fairy tale about a spendthrift king who gives away his three daughters to an enchanted bear, an eagle and a whale fish respectively in return for a centner of gold each. Years later their younger brother sets out to rescue them.

See more illustrations here and the complete book here.



Last night I made these drawings in my sketchbook for a zine I’m making called WARPED. 

It was fun making looser/weirder stuff than I usually do.

©Phoebe Wahl 2014

Whoa whoa whoa yes??????



Sidney Sime (1867-1941), The Incubus - 1899.

LOVE Sidney Sime!

Kiss of the sun. Did May, June done.July now at the fore.31 days of summer, more.Hi there!

Mr. Burns

"Ball Gown" (detail) by Worth, silk, glass, metallic thread, circa 1887.

Jean-Philippe Worth

How Can You Say That You’re Not Responsible?


I’m extremely excited to share the cover of Frontier #5: Sam Alden!
This is the latest issue of our ongoing monograph series, and features a brand-new 36 page comic by our friend Sam Alden, a supremely talented cartoonist and storyteller in the midst of a remarkable and prolific year.
Sam’s issue will be printed on Risograph in two colors, and debuts next month at Small Press Expo on September 13, 2014. As with all issues of Frontier, subscribers will be receiving theirs in the mail (along with a little surprise again this time!). 
More details on the book and pre-ordering options will be added in the coming weeks to the Frontier #5: Sam Alden listing on the Youth in Decline site.

This is my new comic! Come to SPX.

I do love this cartoon muchly.

THE WASP & ANT-MAN By Jack Kirby
Opaque  by  andbamnan