Wunderzeichenbuch (The Book of Miracles) Augsburg, ca. 1552.

that’s me in the fourth fifth one

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Rascals | Cat & Raccoon, 2014.
Personal Works

Damian Dideńko

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something i drew for a banner competition :) 


Why not? She’s an original American


Did they get it right, though? There’s a long, long history of Native people being co-opted or coerced into displaying the symbols of US patriotism. And it was always done to deny the Native genocide, legitimize the US state, and consolidate the US’s power.
For example, there’s a lot of old-fashioned rhetoric out there that Native people were the first US patriots. (Take Paul Dyck’s Brulé: The Sioux People of the Rosebud, in which he describes 19th century Lakota — who were at war with the US! — as “American patriots” and asserts that “throughout the trying historical period of westward expansion, the Indian of the West never lost their allegiance to America.”) I run across this kind of talk a lot, in which someone asserts that a Native people were all about liberty and freedom JUST LIKE AMERICA, thus there’s just one big unbroken tradition of AMERICAFREEDOMLIBERTY leading from Native people to the US nation-state. What’s genocide? What’s colonialism? It was just Native-USians acting as the warm-up act for the American-Usians.
Furthermore, there’s a long, long history of the US government requiring subjugated Native people to display symbols of US patriotism. Know why so many powwows are on the Fourth of July? Because the government’s Indian Agents would only permit festivals that celebrated the US nation-state or Christian holidays.
Moreover, see the thing where serving in the US military was an official method of renouncing your NDN-ness and becoming an “American” instead. (Before the universal citizenship act, Native people got citizenship person-by-person, by doing something that asserted that they weren’t “really” Indians anymore. Serving in the military was one of those things.)
So given all that, Pocahontas dressed in red-white-and-blue, boosting for the US nation-state? How subversive is that, really? 
Note, please, the issue of patriotism and military service in Indian Country is complicated. I in no way mean to suggest that it isn’t. There are lots of reasons that NDNs will wear the stars and stripes, man, I’d love to see a nuanced exploration of that.
But re the alleged subversiveness of this illustration? The US has usually been thrilled to see NDNs don the red, white, and blue. I’m just saying.
tl;dr: Pocahontas wasn’t an American — not the way you mean it here — and portraying her as one falls solidly within the US colonialist tradition.


The Rose de Jéricho (Anastatica hierochuntica) is a species of desert moss that has the amazing ability to ‘resurrect’ itself after bouts of extreme dehydration lasting months or even years. After just a few hours of exposure to moisture the plants burst to life, uncurling from a tight ball of dry leaves to a green flower-like shape. Videographer Sean Steininger shot this timelapse of several plants as he exposed them to water.

Watch  the video:

A time lapse of a Rose of Jericho . After being exposed to water, the plant turns from a dried tumbleweed to a green fern over the course of several hour.


Kshitindranath Majumdar
Billie Turnbull, 2013
Photo by Maisie Cousins

“Doing fashion illustrations is part of my work, but for me it’s all about women,” Lorenzo Mattotti, the artist behind this week’s cover, says. Read more about his inspiration and look through a selection of his work.


words idk

Angelica Alzona

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A New York City Summer, 2014.

Chelsea Boatey

By Tj Letsa

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Paintings & their sketches

1 & 2: Holbrook, start and finish
3 & 4: Kaskaskia, start and finish
5 & 6: The Confluence, start and finish


Amsterdam-based artist Cedric Laquieze (previously featured here) recently completed a fascinating new series of his exquisite taxidermy Fairies. These delicate sculptures are primarily composed of parts from many different insect species, but if you look closely you’ll notice bones, seeds and even a few scorpion parts as well.

Visit Cedric Laquieze’s blog for many additional images and to check out some of his other enchanting creations.

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Pressure/expectation to get plastic surgery isn’t funny but I’m going to always speak lightheartedly about my desires to get it because its my way of giving myself permission to do what I want to do with my body, regardless of everyone’s eagerness to tell other people that they’re perfect or that…

Opaque  by  andbamnan